Megatypers Free Software (Asian Version)

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More people work in Megatypers because they are 100% paying and not scam. We will offer you our free software, which could make you easier to earn money from Megatypers site. With our free software, you could work faster, because software works with multiple accounts.

Below are invite codes that you must use when you register so that in return we would authorize you to use our software.


OLD VERSION (Not Working)

1. Software has pause option
2. Software has TIMER and auto login if you get timeout
3. Software is not limited by how many ids could added in one software

  NEW VERSION (Not Working)


  VERSION V13.01.05 (Not Working)

Mega Soft V14.11.03.1 (NOT WORKING!)

Mega Software v15.1.1.6 (WORKING!!!)

  (Direct Sign-up! No Authorization Needed!)
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 We only authorize Accounts registered with our Invitation Codes.
                       NO LIMIT OF ACCOUNTS!

How to Use Software:
  1. Download software and unpack it with winrar, click here to download. 
  2. Megatypers software needs netframework 3.5 , you can download at here 
  3. You must run the software as administrator (right click on the exe file and choose run as administrator) 
  4. Click Add Account(+ sign). (Your account must already be authorizeD in admin panel). 
  5. Check the ids on the list 
  6. Click start work (play sign). 
  7. Do not use too many ids on software, use only many ids if you can type fast.
  8. Software has timer, if timer run out you will auto login.
  9.  Megatypers needs good connection internet otherwise you can easily banned.
  10. If you cannot see image / no image, press Esc key on your keyboard but do not over use it.
 Payment Proofs:

Megatypers / ProTypers' Pros and Cons?
Many people thought Megatypers is scam. The fact is, Megatypers is not scam. If you want to receive payments from them, then you have to work more than $4.50 per account. When you get $5.00 Megatypers will hold back a little. For example, when you get $5.00 from your account balance Megatypers (Protypers) will pay you $4.00 and leave $1.00 in your Megatypers account balance so you need to work more than $4.50 or $5.00 per account.